5 secrets to smell good for 24 hours

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Have you ever walked past someone and had to turn around and look until your neck stiffened? Just because the scent of someone who spells us to look at the end of the road ever, then girls want to know that most of them How do people with good smell make themselves smell good? Today we have compiled 5 secrets that will help you smell good for 24 hours. Let’s tell each other. You can tell that you are close to anyone and you can be confident at any time.

1. Choose an effective perfume
The first step of having a good scent is choosing an effective perfume. Should buy a type of perfume that is suitable for your body and body odor. Especially for those who sweat a lot. It should choose a perfume that is oily. Because it will help it last longer. and should choose to use concentrated perfume It will help to last a very long time https://ufabet999.com.

2. Spray the perfume on the hair
Coming to this method may shock many women because if you accidentally spray alcohol-based perfume on your hair. It would be a serious damage to the hair. which sprays perfume on the hair should be sprayed at a distance Not spraying like hairspray. or use another method spray perfume on the comb then combed my hair Guaranteed that the fragrance lingers in every molecule of the hair for sure. The more if the hair is flicked, it will give off a faint scent. until someone wants to be near

3. Perfume label on the nape of the neck
Labeling the perfume on the nape of the neck It is a suitable method for girls. who want the fragrance to be soft, light, not too pungent until destroying the atmosphere Or injecting it behind the ear or between the neck will also help. Because these positions will help send out the scent of the perfume in a faint way.

4. Spray perfume on the pulse points.
spraying perfume on the pulse points whether it’s on the wrist or the crook Is a point that stimulates the fragrance for a long time, especially if girls choose a long-lasting perfume, such as a concentrated perfume. It will make the smell smell good all day ever.

5. Spray perfume on clothes.
This trick may be a secret that girls. Many people do it very often. Because spraying perfume on clothes will help the smell smell good for a long time as well. But there is one prohibition about spraying perfume on clothes as well: that perfume should not be applied too close to clothing. Because it can cause water stains on the shirt. It is recommended to inject at a distance Or will spray in the air and walk through the injection area immediately. It also helps to smell good. Because the perfume mist will stick on the shirt diffusely.

simple trick to help the girls smells good all day These are methods that many people may be familiar with as well. However, do not forget to use different methods alternately. In order to know how to help us smell the longest, sure enough.