Llorente says no time to question Simeone

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Atletico Madrid star Marcos Llorente has pointed out that now is not the time to question Diego Simeone‘s work and that everyone must join forces through. bad times

         Atletico can only draw with the remaining 10 Espanyol 1-1 in the latest game, leaving the team without a win in 4 games in a row. Including finishing in the last place of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, not even playing in the Europa League.

         In the latest game, fans of the ufabet club began to express their displeasure by booing the team, with Simeone calling for the team to unite. Recently, Llorente was the one who urged all parties to cooperate. able to overcome obstacles

         “We understand that there are many fans who are hurt and angry. It’s normal,” Llorente told Marca. “Players are the first to not want this kind of situation. The team is doing everything. But it hasn’t been successful yet.”

         “This is not a space to question [in Simeone], it’s a time to work together. We all have to be blamed for what happened. both the player and the manager.”

“This is not the time for doubts (against Simeone), it’s time to be together and united. We’re all to blame for what is happening, both the players and the manager.”

Atletico host Mallorca in midweek action, in their final La Liga game before the World Cup. Followed by a Copa del Rey First Round tie at fifth tier side SD Almazan next weekend.